About us

Our history

Oval Learning began more than 10 years ago as an informal cluster of schools in Lambeth working together to share ideas and resources to benefit children, parents and staff. The steering group grew in size and purpose and registered as a charity in 2014 (no. 1156350). Members work together to address complex local challenges and make a positive impact on thousands of children’s lives.

Steering group

Our work is steered by heads of local schools who know their communities well. They bring a wide set of skills and contacts and unique local insight. Above all they share the desire to help every young person thrive.

Pink line

Community and partnerships

We combine expertise, staffing and networks of secondary, primary and special schools and others. This allows us to develop purposeful relationships with families and local services, understand local needs and gaps in provision, and make best use of available resources.

Front line activities with children and families are delivered by more than 300 school staff, complementing arrangements with other agencies. Partnerships, programmes and activities are steered by Lucy Swanson.

This framework ensures an exceptionally efficient, flexible, outward-facing approach to enable all children to flourish.