Working with Lambeth families

Oval Learning supports as many people as we can within our school communities including children, young people, parents and carers.

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We know they are facing many challenges, including concerns around finances, food, mental health and wellbeing. Keen to respond to affected families needs, our schools have co-designed, with them, the following range of activities:

  • Parent driven coffee mornings & signposting to services
  • Early Words Together sessions
  • Face painting workshops
  • Signposting sessions
  • Focus groups with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) where parents are given vouchers for attending
  • Parents trained in food hygiene
  • Recycled uniform and book swaps

  • Racial Justice Champions (RTG) as a point of contact for parents
  • Literacy Support sessions (with Literacy Trust & Bookmark Charity)
  • Parent Events (quiz afternoon)
  • Community Food support group (working with Magic Breakfast & Felix Project)
  • Black hair workshops
  • Bespoke Racial Wellness training
  • Allergy awareness sessions

Help us to help you

We’d like to make our activities and projects as effective as possible – particularly in reaching those who need most help but who don’t always know who to ask or how. Statements like, ‘I am unsure how to go about it in practice ; I can’t financially afford to; I find the idea of getting involved intimidating; I am not sure what skills/knowledge I could offer and I haven’t been asked” are taken from the Centre for Education & Youth, Giving Parents a Voice on Schools and Education Report 2022 which outlines the barriers parents or carers face in engaging with their child’s school.

To help our families access as many opportunities as they can, we’re going to set up a parent’s forum to break down these barriers; to discuss the work we do and to hear from our families about what we need to do to better support them.

If you are a parent / carer at one of our schools and would like to find out how you can get involved, or to talk about anything mentioned above, please get in touch with Anne and Laura.

Useful resources for families

Activities for families

PDF containing list of low cost or free family activities taking place in London. Updated regularly: 27/28 May 2023 & half term week