Our activities and their impact

Oval Learning is the support agency for schools in North Lambeth. We build capacity within schools and communities to maximise positive outcomes for young people.

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By trusting in local schools to do what they do best, we invest in a broad education, strong communities and an excellent start for all. Our focus is the additional, non statutory support for children’s wider development, which schools are well placed to host but are unable to deliver without additional resources. We help to create a fairer, healthier, happier society where every child is valued and will thrive.

We identify gaps, build networks and support schools as community hubs.

  • Facilitating enriching activities and experiences where children from different backgrounds learn and play together
  • Commissioning specialist support and therapies to meet individual needs
  • Organising mentoring and work experience and building social capital to help access jobs, training or independent living
  • Reaching beyond organisational barriers to focus efforts, avoid duplication and achieve best impact from limited resources
  • Sharing skills and ideas and building peer support networks for teachers and youth workers

This strengthens our community and improves opportunities for children.

  • Young people access varied creative, sporting and outdoor experiences, broad friendships and diverse networks
  • Children and families gain valuable skills, tools and resources to overcome barriers
  • Young people are better prepared to make the most of their education, build healthy relationships, play a positive role in society and live their best lives.
  • Local services and resources can more easily reach the people they intend to benefit
  • Schools work more effectively together and with other partners to deliver excellent education and opportunities for all

Every contribution you make can help us deliver life-changing opportunities and support to our young people in Lambeth.

The challenges and opportunities in our community

The challenges in our area:

  • Three quarters of pupils in our area live in poverty; levels of income deprivation affecting children are in the top quintile (England Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019)
  • Most don’t speak standard English as their first language.
  • Many face complex health and social issues including mental and physical illness, special needs and disability, communication difficulties and crowded temporary housing.
  • Cuts to public funding force a struggle for families and professionals to access resources needed to help every child reach their potential.
  • This is a densely populated urban area featuring extremes of wealth and poverty. High levels of crime, air pollution and road traffic injuries contribute to a location in the worst decile for living environment (England Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019)

The opportunities:

  • Trusted school adults interact with children daily and play a holistic role in developing and supporting them and their families.
  • Schools can influence cultural and environmental norms, provide meals and structure, broker additional support, stimulate independence and broaden horizons.
  • Our vibrant, diverse and open community includes thousands of children bursting with potential as well as hundreds of skilled and dedicated professionals and energetic parents and volunteers.
  • We are centrally located in a world class city with excellent services, opportunities and resources on our doorstep. We can connect these assets where they can make most difference.

Every contribution you make can help us deliver life-changing opportunities and support to our young people in Lambeth.